The Amazing Anna Santos

This book by one of my favorite authors is called Soul-Mate and I must say it’s amazing.

What can I say about the book Soul-Mate well it’s definitely a book I’ve never come across, it’s original a one of a kind and so well thought of the author Anna Santos, starts with a mysterious woman named coming to a town on a mission. But soon finds herself in a even bigger situation her Soul-Mate and one sexy ass werewolf oh did I mention she’s a badass hybrid.


This book pulls you in with the first scene how she tries to hide her background for good reason might I add.


You’ll find her trying to find a cure for her brother whose dying, but in the midst of her mission the hybrid finds love in the werewolf who basically gave up on searching for his other half so imagine his surprise when she walks into the bar in his small town.


Anna throws you back in forth into loops of cliffhangers and love triangles and a bit of sadness if your looking for a great book with lots of paranormal romance a d just the right amount of exotica this book is for you. I mean who doesn’t love vampires,werewolfs and hybrids so if you love paranormal romance books with a hint of erotica this book is for you đź’‹


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