Homeade Turkey Meatloaf


Ground Turkey meat family style pack

breadcrumbs 1/2 cup

Eggs (2)

Ketchup 1/3 cup

BBQ sauce 1/3 cup

Salt/pepper to taste

Pack of sazon (2)

Italian seasonings to taste

Tomato sauce 1 can

Sugar 2 tbl spoons

Garlic to taste

Mix ground Turkey,eggs bread crumbs and all seasonings in a bowl form a mold.

Put ketchup and BBQ sauce on top for glaze

set aside preheat oven to 350°F

For sauce

Mix in a pot BBQ sauce ketchup tomato sauce sugar and seasonings together cook on low medium heat make sure you continuously are stirring it because it tends to splat should take about 5-10 minutes depending once finished pour about a 1/3 of a cup over the loaf already prepared put repeat the ketchup BBQ sauce glaze and sprinkle parsley flakes on top for show not needed but if you want.

Check after it’s half way cooked drain the fat from the loaf and add more of the sauce if drained off to coat should be done in about a hour or so depending on your stove great with homemade herb mashed potatoes or the store bought pouch if you don’t have time 😉 and goes with any veggies or a quick salad 😉

Total cook time 1-2hrs serves 6 depending on family. Enjoy 😉


The Amazing Anna Santos

This book by one of my favorite authors is called Soul-Mate and I must say it’s amazing.

What can I say about the book Soul-Mate well it’s definitely a book I’ve never come across, it’s original a one of a kind and so well thought of the author Anna Santos, starts with a mysterious woman named coming to a town on a mission. But soon finds herself in a even bigger situation her Soul-Mate and one sexy ass werewolf oh did I mention she’s a badass hybrid.


This book pulls you in with the first scene how she tries to hide her background for good reason might I add.


You’ll find her trying to find a cure for her brother whose dying, but in the midst of her mission the hybrid finds love in the werewolf who basically gave up on searching for his other half so imagine his surprise when she walks into the bar in his small town.


Anna throws you back in forth into loops of cliffhangers and love triangles and a bit of sadness if your looking for a great book with lots of paranormal romance a d just the right amount of exotica this book is for you. I mean who doesn’t love vampires,werewolfs and hybrids so if you love paranormal romance books with a hint of erotica this book is for you 💋

Author Of Today and Tomorrow

153734Today’s author is one of my utmost favorites. Her name is Ellen Shreiber most people know her for her Vampire Kisses Novels, she’s on Newyork Times bestseller list and is honestly one of the reasons I started writing about supernatural beings.

A little about Ellen Schreiber was an actress, she performed in a two-woman show before going on her own to become a stand-up comedian[1] before becoming an author; she was also a real-estate agent. She studied Shakespearean theater at theRoyal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and comedy at The Second City of Chicago, which is where she lived for five years. As a novelist she has had several works published in Europe and America. Her brother, Mark Schreiber, is also an author. He helped her start her writing career. The Vampire Kisses series was her first popular book series.

Ellen has started writing another book series known as Once in a Full Moon based on a human girl Celeste who falls for Brandon who is a human that turns into a wolf at night. The series ended in 2012 with a total of 3 books.

My favorite book by her is her first book Vampire Kisses. Its mainly about a girl name Raven In the hopelessly small town she calls “Dullsville,” sixteen-year-old Raven longs to become a vampire. She stands out among the soccer preps at school with her black nails, her black clothes, and her fascination with Anne Rice.

A haunted mansion in the town has new tenants after being empty for years. A mysterious family moves in, but strange rumors pop up about them all over town — they don’t like garlic, they have a strange accent, etc. Raven particularly longs to be acquainted with the family’s seventeen-year-old son who is seen only at night. Readers will enjoy her spying methods, including breaking into the mansion.

Surprises appear in every chapter. For example, Raven dresses preppy on Halloween instead of in her usual black and goes trick-or-treating. She also must take a boring part-time job, where her boss insists she not wear black anywhere and cover herself in pleasant red or pink accessories. Raven still manages to keep her unique style throughout.

Overall Raven is fairly normal, with a best friend, an annoying little brother (called “Nerdboy”), and school dances to attend. She stands up for what she wants, even when it’s unpopular, and she even enjoys a little romance with the mysterious Alexander at the mansion — though it’s more exciting than she expects.

VAMPIRE KISSES is a wonderfully funny story. Even non-vampire fans will enjoy this one