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Title: Revenge
Series: The Chronicles of the Eylones
Author: Anna Santos
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Gothic/ Erotica
Cover Designer: Amalia Chitulescu
Release Date: December 9th, 2015

REVENGE, a Paranormal Romance
by the author Anna Santos, released
December through BookTrope!

✰ ✰ SYNOPSIS ✰ ✰

Once a vampire, now a deadly hunter and sorceress, Violet seeks out her revenge with a plan to seduce and kill her former Vampire Master. At one time he sought her death to replace her with another, but Violet won’t go easily and she will have her revenge!


Bought by an alluring vampire as a child, Violet became his eternal companion when she turned nineteen. For centuries, she loved Ewan more than her own life. She did everything in her power to stay with him forever. She thought their love was indestructible, until he proved her wrong.

Captured and tortured by a secret society of vampire slayers, Violet finds out that Ewan and their adopted teenage daughter had planned her death, so they could be together. But despite their intentions, Violet wasn’t killed by the hunters. She was recruited and given a chance to be what Ewan had prevented her to be when he took her away from her family: the deadliest hunter alive and a powerful sorceress.

Reluctant to opening her heart to another love, Violet only lives for the opportunity to get revenge of the vampire who made her suffer like no one before. With a new identity and a crazy plan, Violet plans to teach her former master that he can’t keep breaking women’s hearts and get away with it. That bad boy was going down!

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Anna Santos is a Paranormal Romance author who builds worlds of undeniable beauty, with witty and enchanting characters.
Anna always keeps her readers on their toes with her adrenaline-fueled adventures, suspense-filled cliffhangers, and steamy love scenes.
When she isn’t writing, Anna is considering plot twists for her next novel or delving into the world of her favorite authors.

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The Ugly Truth of Publishing & How BEST to Support Writers

Really useful post for Writers and Readers!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Anurag Agnihotri Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Anurag Agnihotri

Well, I figure I have one more day to drunkenly torch my platform. Sad thing is I don’t drink. I am apparently this stupid when sober 😛 . Actually I am writing this as a follow up for my rant from the day before yesterday, because knowledge is power.

Writers need this. Your friends and families need this. Readers need this. The more people get how this industry works, the more everyone can start working together for everyone’s benefit.

In my book Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World, I go into a LOT more detail and I highly recommend you get a copy if you don’t have one. I spend the first chapters of the book explaining how the various forms of publishing work so you can make an educated decision.

All types of publishing have corresponding…

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Soul-Mate by Anna Santos

One Book Two

Anna is a kick butt, no-nonsense were-panther/vampire hybrid on a revenge mission to find her parents killer. Enter Shane, a werewolf sheriff who recognizes Anna as his soul-mate. Let the trouble begin!

Soul mateTitle: Soul-Mate
Author: Anna Santos
Series: Immortal Dream Series Book 01
Publish Date: October 13th 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Provided by the author

Publisher’s Description:  Annabel is a bad-ass hybrid hunter, seeking revenge from the vampire who killed her parents and put her brother in a coma. Arriving in a new town with an undercover identity to protect and the mission to find a pureblood vampire to save her brother’s life, the last thing Annabel needs is to fall in love with the sexy, persistent werewolf who thinks she’s a helpless human in need of a knight in shining armor.

Shane is a dominant werewolf who also happens to be…

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Interview with Anna Santos, author of Soul-Mate

If anyone wants to know more about me! 🙂

1. Tell us something about your latest book. Is it your debut? What genre does it belong to?coversoul-mate

“Soul-Mate” is the first book in a series of paranormal romance, and it’s the first book that I’m publishing in English.

2. Is your book part of a series or can it be read as a stand-alone?

It can be read as a standalone, however it belongs to a series of four books. So far I’m in the middle of writing the third book. Each book follows a different heroine, though they are all interconnected by events or characters from the first book.

3. When does your book release?

It was released on October, 13th,.

4. Which character of your book was the hardest to write?

I enjoy writing every single character of that book. Characters come to me with their own personalities and I find it easy to get inside of…

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